Reporting a Concern

Reporting a Concern

In order to address incidents of threats and/or violent behavior and contribute to a safe campus environment, individuals are encouraged to report any and all potential threats or violent behaviors on the part of employees, former employees, students, former students, vendors, visitors and guests.

Imminent Threats and Emergencies

Individuals with information to indicate that an imminent threat and/or violent behavior may exist should contact :

  • On-Campus Situations: UNC Charlotte Police and Public Safety at 704-687-2200 or by using the LiveSafe App 
  • Off-Campus Situations: Call 911

Non-Imminent Threats and Non-Emergencies

  • In the event that the potential threat and/or violent behavior is not imminent, individuals are encouraged to complete a Concern for an Individual Report.
  • If the behavior involves sexual or interpersonal misconduct (e.g.: sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking, etc.), individuals are asked to make a report using the Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct Report

Reports will be promptly reviewed and assessed during regular business hours. All referrals will be handled as privately as possible, with information released only on a need-to-know basis or as required by law.


Imminent threat is defined as a reasonable belief that there is an immediate probability of an act or consequence that could result in serious bodily harm or death.

Threat is defined as an expression of intent to cause physical harm to a person or to cause damage to the property of others or the University. A threat may be direct, indirect, conditional or veiled.

Violent behavior is defined as a broad range of behaviors (irrespective of perceived harm or severity) that may affect the UNC Charlotte campus or the workplace and that generate reasonable concerns for personal safety, or that are reasonably likely to result in physical injury to persons or animals. Violent Behavior includes, but is not limited to, aggressive acts, interpersonal violence and physical attacks.

How do I know if a situation should be reported?

In instances where you may be unsure if your concerns or the behaviors you are observing warrant a threat assessment report, you are welcome to consult with the Threat Assessment and Management coordinator. Together you can discuss the behaviors you have observed and your concerns, and make a decision about the best course of action. For consultation call 704-687-8462 or email